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Flowering decorative plants

Flowers are planted at the base of the trees and even the shrubs, as well as on the green spaces, infusing a distinctive charm into the parks by means of their delicate appearance, vibrant colors, and delightful scent.


The azaleas embellish both Palas Park Iași and Iulius Gardens Timișoara, painting a spectacular picture for visitors especially during spring, when they are in bloom. These extraordinary white, pink or deep red flowers breathe life into the parks and draw a multitude of photographers every year. The azaleas are planted in large pots and, when in bloom, they turn into fragrant and spectacular globes of flowers.



Hydrangea, commonly known as Hortensia, is one of the most popular decorative shrubs in Palas Park Iași. Its large flower heads have an alluring appearance, as well as an unforgettable scent. The plants grow in large groups and they showcase a truly unmatched palette of hypnotic shades during spring and summer.

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