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In line with Iulius Group’s values and Code of Conduct, the integrity of company’s business is non-negotiable. We undertake to conduct our business activities in compliance with law and ethical standards.

Therefore, we encourage, both, our employees and third parties to feel confident in bringing to our attention instances which represent violations of law, by carrying out the following actions:

  • Providing the internal communication channels in order to submit the reports;

  • Sending a response in relation to reported situations and information regarding the course of action, in case they are not satisfied with the measures taken as a result of the internal report performed;

  • Ensure protection of the public interest whistleblower against any retaliation, if the law violations were reported in good faith, based on their personal knowledge.


Report violations of the law by filling out the Whistleblower Report Form available here.

Please note that your report will be automatically submitted to the members of the Integrity Committee via e-mail at

The personal data provided are collected in good faith and in compliance with the legal provisions in force. In order to process and handle your application, we need your consent of processing personal data provided, by checking the last box within the Whistleblower Report Form, after carefully reading the information you can find here.

If your report will be submitted anonymously, please consider the following aspects:

  • In case there is no sufficient information regarding the law violation reported so as to allow for its examination and resolution, the report will be closed;

  • In case there is no contact data provided, we will be unable to confirm the report receipt and  neither follow-up status updates on the subsequent actions conducted.


Thank you for your involvement and concern for the development of the company!

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