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The parks in IULIUS projects bring nature closer to the people and provide numerous reasons to spend time outdoors. The breathtaking green spaces are designed in an innovative manner and combine numerous plant species from all over the world. Palas Park Iași accommodates approximately 50,000 shrubs, Iulius Gardens Timișoara has more than 10,000 such plants, and Iulius Park Cluj-Napoca has another 18,000. These genuine oases of nature draw millions of visitors every year.


Buxus Sempervirens, commonly known as boxwood or common box, is an evergreen ornamental shrub that can be easily pruned and modeled into various geometric shapes (spheres, cubes), providing a clear example that nature can also be a proper “mathematician”. The plant has been used for millennia to embellish Italian-style (“All’italiana”) gardens, where the shrubs are perfectly cut into various geometric shapes, forming an enchanting and cohesive view. Palas Park Iași includes Buxus spheres with a 200 cm circumference, estimated to be around 50 years old, and which create a distinctive and eye-catching view.



Taxus, commonly known as common yew, is a low growing evergreen shrub that can be modeled into various shapes and provides a spectacular view in both Palas Park Iași and Iulius Gardens Timișoara. Perfect specimens of Taxus can be found here, conferring symmetry to the gardens and impressing visitors every single time. The shrubs are planted in large pots and are estimated to be up to 50 years old.


Acer Palmatum, commonly known as Japanese maple, creates an outstanding year-round chromatic spectacle in both Palas Park Iași and Iulius Gardens Timișoara. During summer, the shrubs alternate between shades of green and red; in the autumn they take on very bright colors, ranging from yellow to deep red, offering a genuine spectacle of nature.

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