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The parks in IULIUS projects bring nature closer to the people and provide numerous reasons to spend time outdoors. The breathtaking green spaces are designed in an innovative manner and combine numerous plant species from all over the world.

Palas Park Iași accommodates approximately 50,000 shrubs, Iulius Gardens Timișoara has more than 10,000 such plants, and Iulius Park Cluj-Napoca has another 18,000. These genuine oases of nature draw millions of visitors every year.


Flowers are planted at the base of the trees and even the shrubs, as well as on the green spaces, infusing a distinctive charm into the parks by means of their delicate appearance, vibrant colors, and delightful scent.

The landscape in Iulius Gardens Timișoara, Iulius Park Cluj-Napoca and Palas Park Iași is complete by trees that are impressive in terms of their sizes, the shape of their canopies, and the coloring of their foliage over different periods of the year. Iulius Gardens Timișoara includes 1,400 trees, Palas Park Iași is adorned by more than 1,000 trees, and Iulius Park Cluj-Napoca accommodates more than 100 spectacular trees. These are mature trees that have been delivered via special transportation procedures from nurseries based in Italy.

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